Jerome Neuman, Esq. has been in practice for over 35 years. His current law practice was founded in 1994 and he currently represents individuals in New York State with personal injury claims. As a member of the State Bar Association, the NY Court of Appeals, and the Federal District Courts, Mr. Neuman is a highly skilled and knowledgable attorney. After handling over 2,000 personal injury cases amounting to a total of 24 million dollars in money recovered for clients, he has an almost perfect success rate. Mr. Neuman handles each and every client with respect, patience, and understanding and every case with diligence, smartness, and attention to detail. Call our law offices today to see how Jerome Neuman can help your case!



Car Accidents

Slips & Falls

Medical Malpractice

Work-Related Accidents

Worker’s Compensation


  • “Wow! I recommend Mr. Neuman highly. He is smart and was very courteous while handling my case.”
    – E. G.

  • “Every aspect of my claim was explained to me by Mr. Neuman and his knowledgeable staff. When my claim was settled, he explained the whole process to me and what my alternatives were.”
    – A. W.

  • “Mr. Neuman and his staff handled my case from top to bottom. He kept me informed about my case and answered every question I asked.”
    – J. N.

  • “I had one case with Mr. Neuman and was so pleased with how he handled my case and how nice the people in his office were that I recommended him to two friends of mine.”
    – Y. P.

  • “Mr. Neuman has handled two cases for me. He settled my Cases for over $125,000.00, quickly and efficiently.”
    – M. G.